Seattle Cloud found an app that I created using Bizness Apps in the app store and they saw that I had a good bit of apps in my developer console. They approached me to build apps with their custom app builder. Within 30 seconds I told them I was in! Appskernel put a team together for a phone video conference including their CEO, VP of Sales, Graphic Designer and Head Developer. We went back and forth a little bit comparing apples to oranges but I can tell the passion they have for their product and service. A month later I was on board with a huge task of converting almost 75 apps from Bizness Apps to Seattle Clouds platform. This includes rebuilding every app and resubmitting them. They were concerned of this and they have helped me all they way through my new learning curve. They created some templates to help get me started with the way I wanted the apps to look.When I have technical questions all I have to do is call and I have live tech support with direct extension number.

The app builder is much more sophisticated than Bizness Apps not that I am knocking Bizness Apps Builder but their is definitely a difference and much more customization and flexibility. Last but not least the pricing guideline has no comparability. If you are serious about becoming a developer I highly recommend Seattle Cloud. Thomas Peta, CEO Mobile Apps Inc.

... my application was approved this morning and is in the ITunes Store, thank you so much for all you did to make this work. Wow 2 days and under 48 hours total from submit to approval to in-store... can't wait to move on and build my other apps now. Gary H (VIP AirCatering)

... Now as for becoming a paying subscriber, do not worry; I put 6 different app building companies to the test in the past 4 months and can honestly say that SC is the best I worked with so far for many reasons but mostly because:
1- You monitor what your users are saying and asking for and take action on it.
2- The constant addition of new features made available for users to add in their apps is delightful. Finally someone gets it, the app business is becoming increasingly more difficult but you keep on pushing by adding new features for us which increased our app's acceptance probability.
So it looks like you're stuck with me... and I would like to thank the whole team at SC for their hard work. ;) Joan Beaudry (Wedding+ Free Toronto)

After months of research I found a few other companies but they just were not that good and they were very limited in what you could do with applications. So randomly one day I came across Seattle Cloud's website and to be quite frank I was blown away about how much more advanced and detailed they were vs some of the other companies. Immediately I knew that this company is going to give me the tools to make my idea a reality without breaking the bank. They’ve been amazing on responding to all my questions and concerns. Believe me when I say that I have many questions. So now I’m working on my second and third applications and loving every minute of it thanks to Appskernel. Sam C (STYLE MX)

I submitted my app under my own developer account and got approved the first time! Thanks to you and your great site! Steve M (Wine On A Budget)

A big thank you to SC for including the Search text function with the Basic Plan. This has revolutionised my app IC@N (v1.6)! The app is for a niche market (intensive care medical practice) and heavily text-based, so the addition of the search function speeds access and learning. It will never be a huge income generator (all funds go back into the subscriptions and R&D to keep it up-to-date) so I was never going to be able to afford the higher cost plans. And Apple kindly approved the new version on Valentine's Day - how thoughtful of them! Thanks also to SC for your patience and friendly advice when I forgot one or two steps in the setup and publishing procedures! Graeme Duke (IC@N)

... my iPhone app The 4 Most Powerful Memory Techniques... has boomed into the top book charts in over 50 countries. I think it may even be the most downloaded ebook in the world at this stage in the free category. Thanks for making it all happen! Tansel A (The 4 Most Powerful Memory Techniques)

Appskernel team, thanks for your wonderful tools to build iPhone apps online. (BellaVita)

Otherwise I'm really freaking happy. Just for the RECORDS, my APP has almost 1500 Active Users from all over the world, it made almost 100 euro its 1st month after launch and your PLATFORM has been more than valuable to me.

I can't THANK YOU enough for the great support you offer. Sofia Stavropoulou

... if anyone else is like myself, they tried multiple other websites to build iPhone Apps prior to coming to SC. I left those sites because the functionality, support and directions were unavailable. Basically, I couldn't do what I wanted to do and build an App...

SC has one up because not only does SC allow you to initially build it for free, but use the iPhone app as a simulator to test it out as well. Mark B (Credit Report)

Thank you for the information, I really appreciate your understanding of my urgency... You guys are awesome!! Naveen (Cancer.Net)

THANK YOU for creating a place where the average person (even non-techies like me) can build an APP. Barbara B (Manage Employee Performance)

I was just googling sites/services that would allow me to program my own app without having to learn XCode or Cocoa, both of which make my head spin. This came up, I gave it a test and found it perfect for my needs. The support team has also been enormously helpful, and the final product is something I’m quite pleased with. Kudos to all of you, I’ll be spreading the word! Andrew O (Aussie Beers)

Thank you SC and all of you who always help me along the way!! My 3rd app has just been approved and is for sale in the App Store! Kimberly K (Just For Today Daily)

Thank you for uploading my binaries and submitting my app! Kimberly K (BretMichaelsFanPage)

I'm making an iphone app with your super cool Appskernel tool…a very nice way to make quick apps that I’ll be suggestiing to all my friends btw! Shawn B (

... you have a great application! It saved me hundreds of hours of development! Max R (Rosari Mobile Info)

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