Compare Plans & Prices:
  • silver 34.95/mo
  • gold 79.95/mo
  • platinum 169.95/mo
  • premiumapp 24.95/mo
  • Design your app online.
    Browse the list of application templates. Pick a template that is closest to the app you want to build and create it. Use html editor to customize your pages. Upload background images, edit your page content, upload images, sound, video, audio. Use page editors to add unlimited number of pages to your app. Add menu, image menu, picture slideshows, feedback pages, forms.
    Instantly preview your app in web simulator on SeattleClouds website.
  • Preview, Test and Verify using SeattleClouds Previewer apps
    Instantly preview your app on your iPhone device. Install SeattleClouds app from AppStore (free). Login and see your app in action on iPhone seconds after it has been created. On the fly modify app on website and see these changes on your iPhone device. Add/Remove pages and see them in action on the fly.
  • Download and Upload Application zip
    Use HTML editor of your choice. Download application zip to your computer. Use Adobe Dreamweaver, CofeeCup or any other WYSIWYG editor to edit your HTML pages. When you are done, zip your folder and upload it back to Resource Manager.Application review and AppStore Submission.
  • Application review and AppStore Submission.
    After you are done with design, click Submit To AppStore button. One of our developers will review your app and prepare everything needed to have it published on AppStore. This process is not automated. A person will carefully look at your app and provide feedback if needed. Use our expertise to minimize the risks of your app being rejected by Apple. We guarantee your app will be in perfect shape from a technical prospective. We guarantee your application free of bugs, free of memory leaks and free of crashes. Your only responsibility is quality application content.
  • Use your own Dev Account with Apple.
    If you have an account with Apple, use it to submit under your account. Your company name will be listed in AppStore as author. You must be enrolled in Apple's Developer program.
  • Sell your app for a Fee.
    If you are enrolled in Apple's Developer program you can choose any price tier to distribute your app. It's your choice if you want it distributed for Free or for a Fee. Change your app price tier anytime.
  • Mobile page content from your server
    Link to any mobile page from your server. Make sure your page is designed to fit a mobile size page. (320 px width). You can have an unlimited number of pages loading from your server or from the internet. Include mobile pages with your Facebook Fan page, Youtube channel, Ebay page or Flickr slideshow. Remember: Flash is not supported. Use HTML5, WebKit, CSS or Animated Gif.
  • Animated Page Transitions
    For each page you can choose what type of animated transition should be used when the page is displayed. There are 4 options: Slide, Flip, Curl or None. Slide will bring a new page sliding from right to left. Flip will animate a vertical rotation to the other side of the page. Curl will simulate a book page curl. None will display no animation and page content will be loaded in same window, like in a browser.
  • Image Slideshow
    Put an infinite amount of pictures on a page. Create a page of Mosaic type. Pictures will be displayed in a 4 column table. Tapping on a picture will bring it up in full size. Then you can slide left or right to view next or previous picture. Each picture can have a description. Each picture can be sent by Email or shared on Facebook.
  • Slide to next page
    Instead of using Back button to go back to a menu page, you can assign to each page a next page. Use your finger to slide the current page to the left and bring up the next page. Slide your finger to the right to bring back previous page. This feature makes page navigation on the iPhone easy and intuitive.
  • Play embedded Video/Audio content
    Upload Video and Audio files in mp4, mov and mp3 format. Use Resource Manager to manage them and link to them form any page. This content will be embedded within application bundle and deployed with the app. Will always work in offline mode. Quicktime player will open to play. Small WAV files can be played in background on button click or during page transitions.
  • HTTP Live Streaming
    Video and audio content is large in size and takes a lot of space. There are space limitations which are not allowing you to embed all your video/audio content in application bundle. If your video content is large, choose to host it on the server. Hosted on your server, without Http Live Streaming will cause your app to be rejected by Apple. Our server supports Apple's Http Live Streaming Protocol. When you upload your video/audio content, our server will automatically convert it to Http Live Streaming format and support various bitrates, for various network connections (EDGE, 3G, WiFi) This is a requirement for all iPhone apps. Developing Http Live Streaming support on your own can be very expensive.
  • Facebook Connect
    Your application users can login with Facebook Connect. Integrate your app with your Facebook app. After login users can rate page content with a 5-star rating system and post comments about page content. Also, with Facebook integration you can create even more space for the users in your app by letting them chat among them using their Facebook accounts.
  • Facebook Share
    After Facebook login users can share a page content with their friends on Facebook or publish it in his Facebook Live Feeds.
  • Email
    Every page can be sent by Email. Your application will not close. An InApp Email window will slide from bottom. The page content will be taken as a snapshot in PNG format and attached to an email message. User will choose one or several contacts from his addressbook and send the message. You can pre-define message subject and body.
  • SMS
    Add a Send SMS button to your app. Predefine your SMS message. Users will be able to send it to one or several recipients from their address book.
  • Create Customizable HTML
    You can add fields in your html pages. At design time they look like [%=field%]. At run time, user has a "Customize" button on top right corner of the page. Taping on it will bring a form to fill in field values. Fields can be of type Text, Email, Pictures, GPS locations, Date, Time. It is a great feature if you want to create customizable invitation pages, which later can be sent via Email.
  • Create Radio Apps
    Do you have an online Radio stream? It is very easy to create an app and add a link to your radio stream. The only requirement is: Your stream's bitrate should not exceed 5MB per 5 min download speed on EDGE.
  • Interactive Google Maps
    Add a google maps links. Copy paste and address and type some anchor text. This link will bring up an interactive Google Maps with specified address pin-pointed. You can zoom in and out, switch to Map or Satellite view and see your current GPS location. There will also be a Get Directions button available. This will give your users ability to get directions from their current location to the address you specified.
  • Feedback form with GPS geolocatoion
    Create a feedback page type. Specify a target email. The form can have fileds of type Text, Email, GPS Location, Date, Time or Image. Image can be picked from photo library or taked with the camera. When user submits this form, you receive an email with form data. Use this form to receive transportation requests, food delivery requests, or simple feedback.
  • HealthKit
    HealthKit is a page that systematizes data storage of your personal health information. It collects such data about your health as heart rate, cholesterol, calories burned, blood sugar and many other.
  • Newsstand
    Newsstand feature allows you to build your dedicated application of newspapers and magazines. You have to set In-App Purchase to deliver in the background free or auto-renewable editions of books and magazines. The In-App Purchases for Newsstand should be created on the iTunes Connect and submitted along with the binary build.
  • DropBox Media List
    Integrate in your app Dropbox functionality. Upload all the needed content to Dropbox account and synchronize it with app. Also, this page allows users to download and playback video and audio files. Use Dropbox to keep your files safe, synced, and easy to share. Bring all you need with yourself and never lose a file again.
  • jQuery Mobile
    Build a responsive application accessible on all smartphones and tablets. jQuery Mobile is a HTML5-based UI system, an touch-optimized web framework.
  • Mobile Shopping Cart
    Turn your e-commerce store into a m-commerce app. Provide users with the full range of products. With an mobile shopping cart your customers will feel more confident shopping via their mobile devices.
  • Share Point
    A cloud-based service, hosted by Microsoft, for businesses of all sizes. Your employees can create applications to share documents and information with colleagues, partners, and customers.
  • Phone Gap
    Create applications for mobile devices you care about using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Cloud Resources
    Reduce app's size with Cloud Resources, host application's files on our dedicated cloud server and let users download the resources (Audio, Video, PDF, Images, etc.) directly on their devices and they will work in offline mode.
  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics supplies a great snapshot of coming people who use your application. It creates an idea whether you have reached the target market. Moreover, it is good at telling how exactly people are using your product, how often, and what interests them the most.
  • App Monetization
    Use iAd, AdMod, DFP, Pollfish, and SC Ads to monetize your application. In-App Advertizing has become the frequently used monetization system as it creates a large user base. Done smartly, you can attract users to relevant offers and receive money for each banner click
  • Ad Marketplace
    Ads Marketplace is a place where you can promote your apps and products to over 140.000.000 consumers worldwide. You can quickly promote your app to the top of the search rankings with no long term contracts! Now that you're starting to advertise with SeattleCloud Ads Marketplace, you can promote your apps like never before and increase your revenue and accomplish the clear goal you have set in mind. If you sell jewelry, maybe you want to increase the number of visitor in your shop. If you have started a mobile business, you want get people download the apps you publish, thus driving the traffic. All of this is possible by using SeattleCloud Ads Marketplace.
  • Login & Register functionality
    This page displays a native iOS login page with registration and password recovery, which allows users to know that their registration information is secure and recoverable.
  • App Localizations
    Translate the application in any language you want by accessing Localizations Strings from the App's Dashboard.
  • Push Notifications
    Send a push notification to all users that have your app installed. Even if their app is not running, they will receive a pop-up with your notification message instantly. It is a great way to keep your users informed with latest news or make Announcements.
  • SYNC
    With SYNC enabled you can instantly update a live application without re-publishing it on the iTunes Connect account. Delight your users with new content, images, menu items each time they enter into the app. Enable SYNC during the submission process and select in the In-App Resources the pages you want to add or update.
  • In-App Purchase
    This is not about selling your app. This is selling part of your app. You can choose to distribute your app for free, but make some content available only to users that purchased it. Add an inApp Purchase link to any page. To see the content of that page users will need to complete a transation first. You set the price. You collect the money.
  • Restricted Access
    Provide your clients with restricted access to their applications to send Push Notifications, set prices for the products, add events to the Calendar page type and fully edit Coupon and Loyalty page types.
  • SDK
    Download the software development kit to develop your application offline on your computer. SDK includes tools, libraries, documentations and sample code that would help you to better develop an application. With the SDK you can create a totally custom application with unique functionality and look-appeal.
Why you should build an application?

Mobile market is rapidly growing and you should consider building an application to be ahead of the game. This is especially reasonable for businesses to taking their marketing to the next level. One of the biggest benefits of mobile applications is that all information you'd like to provide to your clients is right at their fingertips. With Push Notifications you are getting even closer to them by sending special sales, promotions or latest news. An application can have a tremendous number of functions like company information, prices, geolocation, booking forms, search, news feeds, radio stream, games, feedback form and many other. All these functionalities a client can use while on the go. An application is a different way to communicate with your clients, it entertains them. They can book a table with less than five clicks instead of calling you. Now think: How many clients would prefer talking to you using an app than calling you?

Which Plan is right for you?
Silver plan
Select Silver Plan if you want to run an application on iOS and Android devices. This plan helps to reach even more people by publishing an app on several mobile platforms. Be in touch with your clients in spite of their preferences.
Gold plan
You want to build an application to run on several platforms. If you build a fan page, have frequent updates and need to make frequent announcements, you need Push Notifications. To cover a larger audience choose Gold Plan.
Platinum plan
Platinum Plan will give you a lot of flexibility. You have everything setup to have a new app published in the matter of days. Choose a Platinum Plan if you are a professional publisher or plan on making money with publishing apps for your clients. Use all our premium features and delight your clients with a tremendous number of apps for any occasions.
Premium App
If you are planning on publishing one single app, choose the Premium App Plan This plan is great if you want to have an iPhone or Android app for your business, cause or non-profit activity. It will be enough if you want to showcase your portfolio. Even if you plan on selling your app for a fee, this plan will work for you.