Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have so much confidence in our software that we are offering a 10 days money back guarantee on all orders. If you are dissatisfied with our product in any way, we will provide you with a refund, no questions asked.

Appskernel offers 100% money-back guarantee. No cancellation fees. All Appskernel subscribers are free to cancel their subscription at any time at no cost. If cancelled within 10 calendar days, customers are eligible for a full refund, including setup fee. Money-back guarantee will be executed disregarding the plan the customers are subscribed to, features they have used or number of apps they have created.

Appskernel is not offering money back for consumable items like 'Build Credits', 'Plugins' which unlock functionality based on application or 'Subscriptions purchased with a discounted price'.

Sale offers are available only for new Subscriptions. Subscriptions purchased with discounted price are not eligible for refund.

In case you want to cancel your subscription but continue selling your apps in AppStore please open a support ticket and specify your intention before canceling.

To get a full refund of all payments you made to us you must submit your refund request within 10 calendar days since your signup date. If you submit your refund request after 10 days we will not be able to process it due to various reasons. After 10 days funds may be used for affiliate payments, setup/installation work, build/infrastructure work, submission, review, support, etc. After 10 days you can only request an unconditional account deactivation and cancellation of your recurring payments.

Requesting a subscription cancelation is unconditional, risk and hassle-free process — simply contact our customer support team and express your intention to cancel subscription. No questions or further action will be asked for upon a canceling request. If you are not happy then it's our fault.