SeattleCloud's Lowest Price

With our lowest price guarantee you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you will not find a cheaper solution aywhere. We guarantee the lowest cost in the long run. Low TCO and rapid ROI. It's preatty easy to calculate your Total Cost of Ownership at the end of the year, which will prove real Savings and quick Return On Investments.

Employing cutting edge web technologies as a platform for building mobile applications allows SeattleCloud to operate as efficiently as possible — therefore our customers are not charged for gear, license, usage or customer base. SeattleCloud subscription plans are the lowest in the industry. The opportunities our features unlock and the horsepower our app engine outputs are by far the most competitive on the market.

Given this, none of SeattleCloud subscribers will ever feel themselves anywhere near short on performance. There is always room left for those who are willing to compromise some features to improve greatly their TCO and ROI.

SC subscription fees are flat and stable. Prices are fixed. We never charge additionaly for usage, which means we will never increase the fee in case your app becomes famous, popular and widely used. In case your app becomes a high revenue stream, we guarantee we will never charge more to support or maintain that app. There are no hidden fees, no hidden costs. This makes you profitable in the long run and guarantees no surprize costs later down the road. No hidden ads, no promotions, you own your app entirely. Plus, if your app becomes extremely profitable, you can always purchase fixed rate source code outright and run your own support and development team in the future.

Our users have made 1000s of apps without any programming!

No payment required to setup, edit, and test your app!

Easy online editor let's you have full control of what your app will look like!

Get traffic and make money from the over 20 million iPhone users!

Have instant control over the app even after people have installed it on their iPhones!

Submit to AppStore for free or paid distribution using either yours or our Dev Account!

  • All this for as low as $1995/mo